Precious (Eng Ver.)


Have you ever got someone very precious? Maybe even too precious that you can’t let them go even you die. Even they die. I have that person once. Marcus. He has been with me since we were 2 years old. He’s the only person that understands why I want to be a nurse in the battlefield. He also helped me to reach that dream in front of my parents, while he also forbids me to do that. As for me, I finally reached my dream. I really love my live with all kinds of hospitals’ rush. Until one day I found Marcus. At first I didn’t realize that it’s him, but then I’m sure that it is him. He’s the one who always forbid me to become a nurse, and the one who always says that he wants to be a musician, now he’s dying because he got shot. He’s on the enemy side that made me can’t took care of him freely, and then I decided to do it quietly. After a few weeks, when he had gone better, one of my nurse friends saw him and told the captain immediately. Marcus didn’t tell the truth that actually he’s here because of me, in reverse he told our captain that he’s here because he wanted to spy our teams’ condition. His admission made our captain cut his head off. And so, here I am, sat helplessly in front of Marcus’s tomb. Maybe I should have listen to him to not to be a nurse. Maybe I should… yes, only those words that I can say now. Only regrets remains in me now. So please, I beg you, if you have someone precious, don’t let them hurt, don’t do anything that could make you lose them. Don’t, don’t ever do that, because only regrets you’ll get.


Hello, this is Jung MinHee and this is my first English version of fanficton. I don’t really know about the quality , so if you mind to tell me, either about the grammar or else, please leave a comment below so that I can improve my English version stories. Thank you for reading, and maybe I’ll see you soon… ^^


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